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26/01/17 - Entry form for the 2017 has already been circulated by Ray Brown and John Spero by email with BACS details. The censored version can be found on the Left Hand Panel. The tournament will be held on the stated dates in February & March - the deadline for entries is Tuesday 31st January - so enter now!!

22/10/16 - Divisional Cup Results and remaining fixtures & Handicap Cup Draw.

09/09/16 - New Season Commences w/b 19th September, fixture list PDF can be located here.

17/04/16 - Brian Brumwell's funeral takes place on Tuesday 26th April at 11.45. It's being held at St Mary's Church, Overton Drive, Wanstead E11 2LW. Afterwards there will be refreshments next door at Wanstead Cricket Club. Sheila has suggested flowers or a donation to your favourite charity for those who wish to. Daniel Robinson are the funeral directors in Loughton. Please contact Neil Brierley (BATTS) if you need any more details.

25/03/16 - The committee were saddened to learn of the passing of the league's president, Brian Brumwell recently. Details of his funeral will be posted here as soon as we are aware.

24/03/16 - Website updated with Division 2 Cup Semi Final Results, League Tables

04/03/16 - Website updated with Handicap Cup Results, League Tables and News Articles.

17/12/15 - Entry form for the 2016 Ilford Closed can be found on the Left Hand Panel. The tournament will be held on the stated dates in January & February - the deadline for entries is Friday 31st December - so enter now!!

16/10/15 - The Final Parts of the handbook have been sent to Club Secretaries - a redacted version can be seen on the Handbook page as per the left panel.

12/10/15 - Results for Divisional Cups all updated.

28/09/15 - Cup Draws for all Competitions updated.

10/09/15 - Club & Officer Details have been sent to Club Secretaries - a redacted version can be seen on the Handbook page as per the left panel.

03/09/15 - New Season Commences w/b 14th September, fixture list PDF can be located here.

14/05/15 - News Article - Ilford League Closed Tournament - Open Singles.

04/05/15 - All Final League Tables & Spreadsheets Updated.

04/05/15 - All Cup Final results updated with Cards.

03/05/15 - The ITTL 2014-5 AGM will held at at All Saints Church Hall, Romford Road, Chigwell Row at 8 pm on Wednesday May 20th.

27/04/15 - It is with deep regret we learned recently of the passing of Bobby Stevens, and our sympathy goes to family and friends. An obituary written by Stuart Gibbs can be found on the TTE website as follows:-


06/04/15 - Entry form for the Ilford Closed can be found on the Left Hand Panel. The tournament will be held on the stated dates in May and the deadline for entries is Monday 20th April.

12/12/14 - Divisional Cups - 2nd Round / Round Robin updated.

05/12/14 - News Article - Mossford 1 v Mossford 2 added.

24/11/14 - Handicap Cup 1st Round Results all updated.

17/11/14 - Handicaps have been added to the Handicap Cup Draw page.

09/11/14 - News Article - Heathcote 4 v Heathcote 5 added.

23/10/14 - Divisional Cups - 1st Round / Round Robin updated.

18/10/14 - Ranking Lists have been updated.


1 - Due to the reduced number of fixtures over the past few seasons, the 5-up rule was altered to become the 4-up rule. In view of this season's revised league format, with 20 fixtures being played by each team, the League Committee has decided to revert back to the 5-up rule, so please note that rules 8b(iv), 8j and 9e are affected and should be read as 5-up wherever 4-up is mentioned.

2 - In addition, the committee has had to clarify the rule relating to defaulted fixtures (handbook page 17) as each team now plays opponents four times in the season. The formula for calculating the number of points to the non-defaulting team remains unchanged, but the calculation will be made at the end of whichever half of the season the default occurred in. 

3 - The part of Rule 14 relating to clothing requires clarification following a change in the ITTF rules. Please note that whilst "dark" clothing is desirable, league players MUST NOT wear shirts or shorts that contain the colour white, either in the basic shirt design or in a logo on the clothing.

4 - In line with other local leagues and official ETTA events, it has been decided that the new plastic balls will not be used for Ilford matches, league or cup, this season. (Usage of the new style balls from season 2015-16 will be mandatory)

11/10/14 - HANDBOOK AMENDMENT - Mossford 5 - Mike Harris has a new phone no. - please contact John Spero for details.

10/10/14 - The League Tables pages are all up to date and will be updated weekly from John's Circulars - please email John if you would like the information first hand.

09/10/14 Cup Draws have all been updated links can be found on the left panel, other parts of the website are being updated over the next few days...

05/10/14 This Year's Handbook has now been emailed to the Club Secretaries. An online version can been seen here and on the panel on the left all Addresses / Phone Nos. and email addresses have been removed from the version on the website for obvious reasons.

25/09/14 News Article for Mossford 3 v Woodford Wells 1.

23/09/14 The fixtures for the first few weeks of the season can be seen here - the full fixture list will be posted in the next few days.

28/08/14 The 2014/15 Season starts w/b 15th September, a draft set of fixtures has been sent to Club Secretaries.

15/05/14 The 2013 AGM will be held at 8.00 p.m. on Thursday 29th May at All Saints Church hall, Romford Road, Chigwell Row, IG7 4QD

14/05/14 - News Article for the Ilford Closed Tournament Added.

16/03/14 The Ilford Closed Tournament Form for 2013/14 can be found on the left panel....deadline is 7th April.

This year, the singles event will be run on the same basis as the old Harlow Super League format, meaning (subject to a minimum of 32 entrants) every entrant will get five competitive matches. In other words, no group stage, and no-one is knocked out, everyone competes for their position in the final listing. Don't forget the 50 prize for the winner, subject to a minimum of 16 entrants.

10/02/14 News Article Added.

09/12/13 - It is with great sadness, we have heard of the death of Jack Anker who passed away in November. Jack was a member of the Ilford League Committee for a number of years and was a Vice President. Funeral details as follows:

12th December, 3pm at Forest Park Crematorium, Forest Road, Hainault, Essex, IG6 3HP -


Afterwards the family would be pleased to welcome people to Redbridge Sports Centre, Conference Room, Forest Road, Barkingside, Essex IG6 3HD.

Pam, Jack's wife, has expressed a wish to see Table Tennis friends at the funeral if possible.

Family flowers only please and the family are advising if anyone wishes to donate then it is to the British Heart Foundation, when making the donation please advise it is in memory of Jack Anker.

30/09/13 Cup Draws all Updated The 1st Cup Week is 14th October, so please check now....

16/07/13 The New Season will start w/c 16th September 2013.

02/05/13 The AGM will be held at All Saints Church on Thursday 30th May 2013, notification will be sent to all club secretaries.

01/05/13 Handicap Cup Final result updated Congratulations to Rhodium!

10/04/13 No more Entries for the Ilford Closed Tournament will now be taken many thanks to all those who have entered have a good tournament, and then a good rest over the Summer!

See you at the AGM....details to be announced.

10/04/13 All League matches have now been played and the final tables can be seen on the links on the left of this page.

03/04/13 Ilford Closed - There are only days left to get your entries in for the Ilford tournament. We'd especially like to encourage those from Division 3 as at the moment we haven't even got enough players for a Competition.

02/04/13 Cups Congratulations to Mossford 1, Woodford Wells 2 & Mossford 6 for winning the Divisional Cups and also all 3 achieving the League and Cup Double in their respective Divisions.

22/03/13 - Ilford Closed Entry form available on Left Pane - deadline is 7th April.

21/03/13 News Article Woodford Wells 3 v Heathcote 4

10/03/13 Cup Results updated

07/03/13 News Article Grove Castle v Langdon 5

28/02/13 News Article - Woodford Wells 1 v Heathcote 1

16/02/13 All Cup Results now updated sorry for the delay...

21/01/13 - SNOW!! - All Postponements due to weather conditions this week will be approved, but obviously you MUST let the opposing captain know before the game, and the relevant Divisional Secretary as soon as practicable.

14/01/13 Club Rankings Lists Updated.

18/12/12 Handicap Cup Q/F Results Updated.

16/12/12 Seasons Greetings to all Ilford Players from the Ilford TTL Committee.

28/11/12 Cup Results Updated.

22/11/12 News Article - Woodford Wells 2 v Mossford 4.

11/11/12 Handicaps Round 1 Results added.

31/10/12 Handicaps added to Handicap Draw!

26/10/12 Cup Results Added.

07/10/12 Cup Draws Added.

03/10/12 Ranking Lists updated.

11/09/12 - New season starts next week - handbooks are available from John Spero, please contact him to make the necessary arrangements....

20/06/12 - Apologies for lack of updates, I have now updated the News Reports and Tournament Winners with all the details of this year's Closed Tournament.

13/04/12 - Handicap Final was won by Mossford 3, just 16 points ahead of Langdon 5. Here's a photgraph of the winning team, from left to right - Mike Harris, Mohammed Owadally, Laikram Persaud & Naveed Chaudry :-

29/03/12 - Ilford Closed Tournament - Last Chance to Enter deadline THIS WEEKEND!!! - ENTRIES NOW-  CLOSED.

26/03/12 - FINALS NIGHT - Wed 28th March 2012 - All 3 Divisional Cups are taking place at St. Andrews, all are welcome as spectators. A successful night for Langdon who achieved a clean sweep!

21/03/12 - Ilford Closed Entry Form on left panel - deadline 31st March - ENTER NOW!!!!

02/02/12 - "News Articles" updated - Woodford Wells 1 v Langdon 1 (Div1).

26/01/12 - "News Articles" updated - Heathcote 5 v Mossford7 (Div3).

Please Note the frequency of these articles can only be increased if players (not necessarily Captains) send information about matches to Ray Brown. He's after interesting facts that can't be deduced from the scorecard, eg. great comebacks, miracle escapes, etc. He'll write the article, but a twist in the story always helps!

19/01/12 - "News Articles" updated - Langdon 4 v Redbridge 1.

22/12/11 - "News Articles" updated - Heathcote 4 v Redbridge 1.

13/12/11 - PLEASE NOTE:-

Mossford TTC are pleased to announce that they are changing premises with effect from January 2012.

The new venue will be:

Studio 3
2nd floor, The Jean Brown Indoor Arena
Redbridge Sports & Leisure Centre,
Forest Road

Full details can be seen on the Clubs & Venues page.

14/11/11 - All Handicap Cup Results in - Draw fully updated with scorecards. Many thanks to all for returning the scorecards so promptly.

26/10/11 - All Divisional Cup Results & Scorecards for w/c 17/10/2011 have been updated. Thanks to all Captains for getting in cards promptly.

25/10/11 - All Handicaps now set on the Handicap Draw page.

17/10/11 - All League Table pages updated.

06/10/11 - All Cup Draws for this season can now be seen by clicking on the relevant link on the left-hand panel.

20/09/11 - Please Note the 4 Cup Weeks for the first half of the season have been switched. eg. Where the handbook indicates w/beg 17/10/11 will be a Handicap Cup week, it in fact will be a Division Cup week, etc.

26/08/11 - New Season begins w/c 19th September 2011.

12/05/11 - News Article - Final 3 events from the Ilford Closed Tournament.

2010/11 Season - New ETTA Rules see http://etta.tv/our-sport-modules/rules-regulations/2010-law-changes/ In Summary 1) Bat coverings must be listed on the ITTF Approved List; 2) Bats cannot be changed during the course of an individual match. Also note ITTF rule changes incorporated includes a) "Accidental double hits" are now allowed; b) The Expedite Rule cannot be introduced if the total points scored in a game is 18 or more.

PLEASE NOTE: Re 1) above - the Current Ilford Handbook is incorrect in this regards, the above rule changes were not notified to the league until after the handbook was published.

30/04/11 - News Article - First 4 events from the Ilford Closed Tournament.

31/03/11 - News Article - Division 3 Cup Final - Rhodium v Mossford 6,

07/03/11 - Ilford Closed Entry form available on Left Pane - deadline is 28th March.

05/03/11 - News Article - Divisional Cup matches, Wells 1 v Fellows Cranleigh & Redbridge 2 v Rhodium.

03/02/11 - Divisional Cup Results updated.

23/01/11 - News has reached us that Dominic Brown, aged 22, who played for Heathcote 4 this season, tragically died whilst playing 5-a-side football earlier this month. Obviously, the Ilford League sincerely commiserates with friends and family of Dominic.

21/01/11 - News Article added. (Heathcote 4 v Mossford 7 & Grove Castle v Redbridge 2).

17/01/11 - News Article added. (Langdon 1 & 2).

12/12/10 - Divisional Cup Results updated.

05/12/10 - Thaw occurred - hopefully no more snow!!

30/11/10 - SNOW!! - All Postponements due to weather, until there is a thaw, will be approved, but obviously you MUST let the opposing captain know before the game and the relevant divisional secretary as soon as practicable.

30/11/10 - Handicap Cup Results for Round 2 updated.

08/11/10 - News Article updated (D2 Cup Heathcote 2 v Langdon 3) + Div Cup Results updated.

24/10/10 - Handicap Cup Results for Round 1 updated.

08/10/10 - All Cup Draws updated.

23/09/10 - Club Ranking Lists updated.

2010/11 Season - Please note that ALL ranked players MUST be individual members of the ETTA in order to play in the Ilford League this season. Details can be seen on the ETTA website at :- www.englishtabletennis.org.uk (Now http://etta.co.uk/)- click on "Membership" at the top of the page.

Ilford players have three options:-

1)    Complete their ETTA Individual Membership Forms and return them via their Club Secretaries when registering for the Ilford League prior to the start of the season. The Club Secretaries will need to include the forms and the relevant amount for each membership (under 18 = 2.82, 18+ = 5.64) with their League Fees. (The Fees and Forms will be forwarded to the ETTA by the League).

(Enough copies of the form have been sent to all Ilford Club Secretaries - more copies can be printed from the ETTA website or on the following link: ETTA Membership Form 2010/11 PDF ).

2)    Players who play in more than one league may register via another league by following the above procedure. This must be made clear by Club Secretaries on their Club Ranking Lists, detailing the League with which they have registered, in order that this can be verified with the ETTA.

3)    Players may register directly with the ETTA. Again this must be made clear on the Club Ranking List, including the ETTA Membership Number as supplied by the ETTA.

It is an ETTA stipulation that any players appearing on a club ranking list who have not submitted a Membership Form, or who have not been registered via another league or directly with the ETTA cannot be accepted for league registration.

Any queries regarding this notice should be sent to John Spero using his sky email address - if you don't know that, then email Andrew Home (as per last seasons handbook) and I'll forward it to John.

(End of message)

2009/10 Handbook Corrections :-

John Spero's email address (ie. NOT @tiscali.co.uk) is incorrect in the handbook - please email another committee member for the correct address.

Heathcote Team Captains are as follows - 1st Team = Ivan Stefanov; 2nd Team = Fred Alldritt; 3rd Team = Patrick Scarlett; 4th Team = Mike Cock. (All phone nos. are in the handbook) .

19/07/10 -  Please note that the ETTA have banned Gary Tendler from playing any Table Tennis under its     auspices indefinitely.

29/04/10 - News Articles - Div1 & Div3 KO Cup Finals

08/04/10 - News Articles - Open Singles, Div2&3 and Open Doubles Cup Finals

01/04/10 - News Articles - Vet Singles, Div3 and Vet Doubles Cup Finals

09/03/10 - News Articles - Div2 and Handicap Cup Finals

09/03/10 - Ilford Closed deadline has passed.

15/02/10 - Div 1 & Handicap Cups Updated.

04/02/10 - News Article - Red Social 1 v Frenford.

03/02/10 - Ilford Closed Entry Form is available on left - deadline is 28th February.

21/01/10 - News Article - Matt Spero wins Open singles at Essex closed.

15/01/10 - The Snow/Ice has gone - hopefully never to come back, no more postponements until the next blizzard!!

10/01/10 - Postponements will be allowed as below until there is a thaw. However, if possible we would appreciate fixtures being fulfilled to avoid problems at the end of the season.

06/01/10 - SNOW!! - All Postponements for tonight (& tomorrow night) will be approved, but obviously you MUST let the opposing captain know before the game and the relevant divisional secretary as soon as practicable.

04/01/10 - Mossford TTC at Bancrofts School, Woodford Green - Details PDF File.

23/12/09 - Cup Winners updated & Happy Christmas to all ITTL Players!

01/12/09 - Mossford TTC New Venue is Bancrofts School with effect from January - see Clubs & Venues page.

01/12/09 - Handicap Cup Draws Updated.

21/11/09 - News Article added - Laura Burbuleviciute.

18/11/09 - News Articles added - Div3 Cup:Mossford 8 v Red Soc2 & Div2:Redbridge 2 v Mossford 5.

18/11/09 - Divisional Cup Draws Updated.

08/11/09 - Handicap Draw Updated.

13/10/09 - 2009/10 Cup Draws Updated.

13/10/09 - News Article Updated - Div3: Rhodium v Heathcote 4.

13/10/09 - The League has received a letter from the ETTA (click here) which says that all rubbers are legal in local leagues providing they meet the ITTF technical specifications - this means the banned list on the ITTF website is not relevant to us.

02/10/09 - Club Ranking List Updated.

01/10/09 - Message from Ray Brown (Publicity Officer):-

To all Ilford league players

The new season has begun and I'm looking for any story that I can use to publicise table tennis. So, if your team has been involved in an interesting match, an unexpected result, a brilliant recovery by a team or by an individual player or simply an incident that you think would be of interest, then tell me about it and I'll include it in an article in the local paper.

Just give me the facts and I'll produce a report. Ideally, I'd like something each week, rotating between divisions but if I only get info from one division then so be it.

Remember, I cannot do this alone. I need your help with the source information. You don't need to be a club secretary or team captain, anyone can provide the information.

I look forward to receiving your news.

29/09/09 - The New Season is here....Division 1 & Division 2 pages all up to date. Division 3 should be done by the end of the week...